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Introducing the first structural lightweight concrete system warranted against moisture vapor emissions.

Today’s fast-track construction techniques often fail to allow lightweight concrete, in fact all types of concrete, to sufficiently dry before flooring or roofing is installed. Failing to properly address concrete substrate moisture in floor slabs and structural concrete roof decks can lead to flooring and roofing failures, costly delays and big headaches for the construction team.

The AssuranceLWC system combines Arcosa Lightweight aggregates with ISE Logik’s MVRA 900 to assure a successful roofing or flooring outcome.

Your Assurance

All the benefits of structural lightweight concrete without moisture migration concerns.

No worries about adequate drying time or expensive moisture assessments of new concrete.

The ASSURANCE LWC system can give specifiers confidence the flooring and roofing will be installed properly.

Permanent and Integral

The Moisture Vapor Reduction Admixture (MVRA 900) is added directly to concrete during mixing.

Eliminates Moisture Tests

Standard RH tests don't provide information about the level of moisture existing deeper within the slab.

No Downtime

Eliminating unnecessary testing and its subsequent delays results in zero downtime for moisture mitigation.

100% RH Warranty

Structural lightweight concrete dosed with MVRA 900 is warranted to 100% and requires no field moisture testing. prior to flooring or roofing installation.


America's largest producer of rotary kiln expanded shale and clay lightweight aggregate.
The industry’s #1 specialist in vapor mitigation science for new concrete slab construction.